Knowledge Keepers – CBC Radio One

MorganClam gardens

I was gratefully able to contribute to a program on CBC radio on the intersection between science and indigenous knowledge.  This is a huge and complex topic and there is so much to be learned and told. This hour-long special delves into some of these complexities by speaking to several individuals who are currently working in this blended research to one degree or another. These researchers and knowledge holders draw from the strengths of both western science and traditional knowledge with common goals of answering some important questions.

Terminology is important and words may mean different things to different people. For example, I inadvertently¬†use the term “modern” to describe western science on this program, but indigenous and traditional knowledge are present and evolving today and are not just a thing of the past.

This just goes to show that this is very much a learning process for everyone, with its inevitable slip-ups, but I believe that because our goals are aligned that we will continue to move towards better understanding and more respectful relationships.

It is in an interesting program with examples of blending knowledges from several different instances in Canada. Have a listen if you are interested.