Ecological Interactions research team on at Hakai Institute on Calvert Island

I would like to first thank my supervisor and committee members- Dr. Francis Juanes, Dr. Sarah Dudas, and Dr. Morgan Hocking for their exceptional mentoring and support

Special thank you to Laich-Kwil-Tach, Coast Salish, and the Heiltsuk Nations for allowing us to conduct research on their traditional lands

Thank you to all my collaborating partners

Some of my amazing colleagues – please check out their sites

  • Connector.

    A diverse group of people and projects involving clam gardens – Clam Garden Network

  • Connector.

    Fellow grad student, collaborator and exceptional underwater photographer Kieran Cox

  • Connector.

    Post-doc, but we know him as Dr. Worm – Travis Gerwing

  • Connector.

    Friend and veteran of the Juanes lab Amy Teffer

Top photo credit goes to a talented photographer and good friend Kayla Mohns ( ).